Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oh 6 months ago...

Found Twitch's re-edit of the Android/Breedlove/Twitch Rothbury piece....

Monday, November 23, 2009

I don't...

"I don't want to, want to, tomorrow"

Monday, October 5, 2009

We are, We are.....and they are moving.

This is not a planet of scarcity. It only appears that way, because we have made this planet a commodity. Evolve from the ideology of ownership, to a vision of stewardship.

-Taken from SynapticStimuli

Friday, September 11, 2009

Return .:. Return .:.

I've returned from a 14 day trip to the Black Rock Desert. Was a wonderful gift to be able to be a part of set-up this year and to be a citizen of BRC in 2009. Long hot and dust filled days of working, playing, conversations, parties and learning. Lots of wonderful art this year- which is what I mostly took photos of.
Need to thank all the people at Media Mecca, Burners Without Borders, Hookahdome, Flight to Mars and Entheon Village for being family and friends to me and helping create my wonderful experience.

Pictures for now. Musings later.


The metal on MOM


During a dust storm Sunday morning.

The Temple

Libertine & Rabbit

The Lock guy.....I got to look up his name....
Doxie & I
The Man

The Rocket Ship under construction....
The Views from the Rocket Ship...

The Entrance

The view from my camp's BwB deck.
BwB's Jaguar Temple @ evening
Jaguar Temple @ day
The BwB Casbah where we held Salons during the day.
Me having me picture taken by a drunk girl Monday morning by a drunk girl, and not being very happy about it.

Fish Bug

My favourite picture. A very strange cloud.


Our good freinds BMIR

Tom LaPorte next to The Heron Project

Abraxus in the Dust

{Entheon Village}

Media Mecca- who I was there to set-up with.

Center Camp

A nice bike

Me on top of a fire truck ladder with the city behind me on 7:30
Doxie on the same ladder

The Butterfly

The dragon where you could write your hope and fears down on wood, and the dragon would eat them by fire at night.

Metal Globe with Lotus Shadow.

Metal Globe with Earth shaddow.

Metal Globe with sun behind it.

It was a glorious year.