Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is labour of love

Icarus 2.0

So. I've (mostly) finished shooting Spenser's Image Design film. The camera jammed twice! Once during the city shots, and once during the wing shots....which is really to bad. We probably didn't get it on 16mm....but c'est la vie.
It was all intended to be done on 16mm but I also was able to capture some video of the burns, as well as both 35mm and digital stills.

So what to do with what I have?
The film was supposed to be a hybrid film between the stories of Prometheus and Icarus. A story about gaining fire (industry, technology, energy) and about what happens when it gets to hot and burns out of control. It looks like the Prometheus section (Kits Film) may not even get done now...

So what to do, what to do...

I've been playing with the Icarus myth for awhile now. And I would like to continue. This project may not have come into fruition this time. But now I have some building blocks. I want to play with the Icarus story more! And it will build, maybe into a completely different project that I had previously though.
Anyone out there want to collaborate?

Well anyways. Here are some photos of process and shoot.

Starting to build the city

Miniature DPW city planning

Getting ready for the shoot with Spens and Mike.

The city with detail on the water

The City Burning


Wing Test w/ Andreas drooping seed in the foreground.

Mike as Icarus

His hand is supposed to be on fire....and then it fell off.

Im lighting the wings on fire on the back of Mike here.

Mike looking horrified.

Icarus running with his wings on fire.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

35mm #2:

So I spent some time in New York & Boston.
Seeing some friends, writing a good deal, and wandering...

Here are a few of the pictures: 35mm - 200asa

Lower East Side, NY

Igor Jazz in Subway

Miriam being assaulted by a subway violinist

The cieling of the Boston Bus Station

Downtown Boston

Jordan Ganz

Monday, November 17, 2008

quick mention....and then more a bit later

First of all: KEO
And for those of you who are more into: Wiki

The Keo Project is a piece of Space Art, (wait? Thats a genre!) conceived in 1994 by Jean-Marc Philippe. KEO is a satellite that will hopefully be launched into space and then fall back to earth in 50,000 years. It will hold personal messages from anyone who writes in. Messages from people all over the world- those who are unable to write (elderly, children, hard-to-reach places) are especially encouraged to write in- which I'm digging. Apparently there is enough digital room in the plans to hold a 4 page letter written by everyone on earth. (So you should write in!) The satellite will also hold a drop of human blood, chosen randomly, and a few other artifacts like a digital modern day "library of Alexandria".
Which when you think about it.....50,000 years? Thats like taking a time machine back to when our ancestors invented fire!
How much will our species accomplish by then? Will we even be the same species? We maybe wiped out, we maybe so differently evolved....
Reading the letters of 50,000 years past is an amazing glimpse of the past for the future! Imagine...we may seem like beautiful, dreaming, and hopeful creatures! Or we may look like fearful, paranoid, unsure depends what WE write.

Cool idea. Cool concept.
Here is a picture of the satellite:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 Chicago Halloween Parade (Rats Rats Rats)

Welcome to Rat City!

My good friend, Tom Laporte, has been running the Chicago Halsted Street Parade for the past 6 years. This year, he gave away some of his responsibilities to Ben Fain. A graduate student from SAIC. He transformed the parade into a very loose, fruedian, analogy of our subconsciousness. It was complete with a float with spinning pizza, a scared old man, and some 30-40 rats!
We got some great reactions from the crowd. Scared some kids, scared some adults!, and got a bunch of "ooohs" and "ahhhhs".
I'm never quite sure how we get away with these things....Thank you Tom Laporte & Ben Fain.

The Rat Float

I'm dressed as a Rat with a Flame Thrower!

I, looking quite tired and sweaty, along with Downtown Dave on his cellphone.