Monday, May 11, 2009

Your youth shall...

My Oh my Oh my
It all keeps turning
and its funny when you see them run away from it
because, as soon as they stop
they realize that they are still right here
you can't get away from that.

Have you ever noticed
how the world shrinks and expands
depending on your courage?

The answers shall come
even when you feel they won't
I shall know gods
you shall no gods
we are the ones we are looking for
and its as simple as that

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Every Single Week- I fall in love with something new...

Many variations proceeding
from the center point.

we shall see it whole
and it shall blind
not made for that
exploding light
both sides and every side
I don't have to tell you

The entire sphere is a lot to handle at once.

So usually we don't
and thats okay
the hard part-
when you come back
everything feels new
on both ends of the spectrum

and it always hurts so much the first time
and that means it will again
it's worth it
every single time