Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jedi Order

Space Knights.

We can bubble over like too much water in a hot pot, touching those other things in the void. Only if we take the time to simmer, to build, to pressurize. There is no liberation from it all, but there is a freedom from our bondage. Dream deep and fill your mind well.
There are certain things needed for a Quantum Leap. I have not attempted one before, but I sense that I am getting closer and closer to attaining one. What are the things that I must do, in my own self:
Diet, Excersise, Meditation, Right Action, Learning.

Bring oneself to the brink. Bet your whole existence on an idea and leap over into that other void- you'll be surprised how solid the clouds become. Drink in deep the darkness as well as the light. We are centered beings- or at least trying to be anyways.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Everything will be fine as soon as you allow it to be so.

These are days where the weather seems to grow longer with the light-it stretches. Random appearances from old friends and dead friends. Walking down the street, with neons, this is like the first time I was ever here. Newly baked and fresh bread knows nothing but the warmth of the oven. The bread fears the outside world like you fear the inside of your eyelids- teeth come for us all in the end. Ask our friend Tommy, if he were still around, he was always yelling about 'Teeth this and teeth that!' and none of us believed him. Then one night the teeth got 'em, just as crazy as when he told us they would.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Outline for the book:

1. I was born in nothingness. Bless the unknown.
2. S..l..o..w..l..y...Things begin to take form in the mist.
3. So. Here I am.
4. Things. Things. Things(without me). Things.
5. The body is a fragile thing.
    (and the world is very big + fast)
6. Do you remember waking up to colors one day? 
     +sunshine +love +mother
7. (Discover). The more I see, the more I substantiate.
8. The more I substantiate, the more solid everything else becomes.
     (There is so much that is not me)
9.  My seams appear to be coming undone.  
10.  The truth is...
                                We all get stuck in the  Mud
.                                                                Cities
.                                                            Patterns.
11.                          We all ache
                               We all have growing pains
Wondering:  Are We okay?
.                     And enough?
.                     And Loved?
12.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Wallow.
13.  Inhale. "The best way out is always through" - R. Frost Exhale.
14.  NO MORE WAITING. >> Proceed.  Proceed.  Proceed.
15.  This place is new again.  (Wait for these moments)
16.   [Full Grown]  Time to come to the edge, take a look...
17.  (Things, all things.)
18.  Look again...
19.  Death.    The bubble of this is infinite.
20. The planet is falling through space.  No one is ever in control.
21.  This is a world I can only ever pretend to know.  
22.  I have a choice.  This is all I have to prove.
23.  Everything dissolves.  No fear.  LEAP.
24.  (Blank)
25.  And suddenly it, became, so light + clear
26.  And I could breathe, into me as I am.
27.  Static.  Tingling Limbs.  Like when you pull apart naked.

Begin again, from nothing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We always run in circles

I feel like were getting something like a rhythm back, and then I lose it all. Things build up and then things fall down, broken windows. My writing suffers, my allusions seem juvenile + underdeveloped. I doubt my abilities and I wake up in real life, realizing that I am just another one like all the rest, caught and trapped. It's a running track.

From undulations of deep down embryonic sea
To heaving stars of pressure suspended in nothing
Hover between the two paired lovers
Pulling hair + twisting limbs: Sea Sky : Sky Sea

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pleasure to Arrest: (or a new list for a new year)

An updated list for Summer 2008: Interests and things-

-Space/Stars/Black Holes
-Deserts --> (Colors)
-Utopia & Armageddon
-Technology....The Shattered Self
-Nature in the face of tech. The result=me
-Cyborgs (following them to the lighthouse)
-Epic Tales
-Experimenting with video
-Community Growth
-Superheros as mirrors of ourselves
-Homo Sapien Sapiens
-Fiction Science
-Workings of Consciousness levels (raise and lower, raise and lower)
-Two scarabs, one with its eyes open, the other closed.
-Heavy Hands
-Letting go of the Ego
-Thankfulness & Humbleness
-Indra's Net
-Love Poems
-Mangoes, Berries, Advacados
-Personal Histories
-The Internet, the web, who are we as as a species?
-Developing myself as an artist
-Where does man stand in the universe?
-What is true calling?
-Being a good person in many cases conflicts with my more basic urges.
-Dedication/Hard Work/Labor/Trying
-Cloud Tectonics
-Chocolate w/ Almonds
-Continued Evolution

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I found this list of interests from, oh, lets say a year ago. So I'm posting this today and going to write a list of new interests

List from, 'Ladies & Gentleman, We are Floating in Space...':
-Legends & Myths
-Creation Stories
-Large Mountains + Deep Rooted Trees
-Laying in Lilies
-What is the difference between philosophy and what we call true thinking?
-Do we learn from hodge-podge or from specialization?
-How does one know who one is?
-How do we justify being cruel + kinds?
-Why don't we notice when karma gets us?
-Who are the chosen ones? Are we all chosen?
-How do we choose to love? Why do we fool ourselves?
-Do souls exist?
-What does it take to happy?
-What does traveling teach me? Am I running away?
-What lessons are we learning day by day?
-What does it take to be selfless?
-How much should we give?
-How much should we let others take?
-When are we being taken care of?
-Those who usually complain about money have the most.
-TV sucks your mind away.
-Where do those without a home go?
-How much do we pay to be abused?
-They try and jack us, so then we accept it.
-The arts is like being a salesmen
Or like a whore.
-Sometimes the sun will bake our brains.
-Lying about competition is the best way to get what you want.
-Who are our truest friends?
-How many lazy people live in the world?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Why don't you have a greeting card?

Love makes less sense, anger because I'm tender
frustration because I'm hurting
Not understanding, but excepting
Wanting to know + learn, but instead
you take me down + you are bitter
Not the woman I love, trying to drive me away
But I'm not angry + I can't be
Because I don't feel it
and instead I'll take it
Attention from you being precious
I'll take it however
I feel played + unwanted
But still wondering - help me heal?
The only things that really made me feel this good
was drugs + love from you

-Found in 'Ladies & Gentlemen, we are floating in space...' journal. March 2004-Continuing
Written sometime in July 2007- homeless in New York.

This seems silly to do it again- but we will again, and again...

Why do we let ourselves get sucked into that mire? Why do we let darkness infect and delude us? Why do we have so much possibility and opportunity and yet we squander it? We are more afraid of our light than we are of our darkness.

I need to start working harder. Come on Mr. Breedlove, its kind of pathetic at this point. Work hard, Love hard, don't take offense- get rid of that ego. Get rid of all the bullshit monsters in the back of your head.

Kid you'll move mountains. Oh, the places you'll go!

-This Blog by the way, should be updated with OUR work more often. So lets do that!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Projects in the back of whatever this thing is called a mind.

- shadows on the brick wall behind the house. Maybe they should move? Animation. Not sure. Start with just the drawings, then pictures.

-I'd like to do a further project with my mouth over other people's photos. Maybe I should record stories and put them on photos? I don't know. But I should gather all those photos from Minnesota and bring them up here.



I'm thinking about a lot of stupid and pointless things. No need to record them. We'll update when the regular programming becomes available again.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quit Dreaming Like A Pussy


I think we all know the words. I think we all know the words. I think we all know the words.

Jump. Now. Leap > Forward.Up.Up.Up.
Quit dreaming like a pussy. Light your soul on fire.
It all gets used up anyways.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hearts Are:

Transitional Topography,
like the shapes you find in clouds.
Our clothes become meaningless-
the moment we opened our eyes.
Like a Lion climbing up from under your thighs,
this is a quiver,
that resonates deeper than
your normal searches of your ribs
or spine.