Thursday, March 27, 2008

Drawing tales with ink from clouds...

Darkness vs Light
Fear vs Hope
Bad vs Good
Nature vs Man

We behave as if we are not animals.
We behave as if technology was both our deliverer and our captor.
We behave as if we are controlled by fear. We behave as if we have only a glimmer of Love.

Two choices.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Space Ships & Cloverfields

So I'm done taking that Small Screen Video class, and now I have a blog from it...

I'm thinking that I should make use of it. I write in a lot of paper journals and why not a public internet one? I am the person who constantly talks about the future and the internet and how exciting/scary it is to me and the world.

I love the fact that looking at my computer right now I can see Niagara Falls, Moscow (2 angles!), The Pyramids of Giza and another small Russian place I cannot spell- Taziniki(?). Web cams.

I think part of this blog maybe that I want it to be public, but I don't want to reveal who I am. I'm sure some people, if they stumble upon it, might be able to figure it out. But I like that idea of anonymity.

I need to go pick up a Duluth Carpenter from the bus station. Ciao.