Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh my Oh my Oh my

Learning lots of lessons. Hurtling through space at a very fast rate. How lucky I am to even be here. Every moment is a miracle. And this is something that I have seemingly forgot.

I am learning something about SURRENDER right now. What comes will come. And there are other forces that will do there will. You can only surrender.
When harsh winds blow trees, they bend with the wind, not against it. Things that are rigid are blown down, and collapse.

There is magic in my finger tips and of that I am aware. I can influence my surroundings and the world in very real ways. So where is the balance between SURRENDER and ACTION?
How much to I push, and how much do I pull? That's the delicate balance.
I've been pushing to much recently, and that's why I am so tired.

Through all of this though. I am learning. Learning to see the little glimmers of light- everywhere.

But by god do i hope that this Quantum Leap happens soon!