Sunday, June 29, 2008


What is towards the center? Where is the center? Places on Earth, like Israel for example, have been claimed as centers of the universe. There are super massive black holes at the centers of our solar systems. My heart beats in my center. Brommer's soap tells me to always scrub towards the center. In my forehead there is a third eye at the center.

I live in the center of the United States. I am at no center whatsoever. The center is an illusion of the mind, making everything, so neatly, passively, so organized into something of a circle or sphere. At the center of all of my cells there is a nucleus, or so I am told.

Cosmic Game

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful, wonderful, harmonious day. Warm Sun, Strong Winds: feeling cosmic.

I like the Chicago lake front in the summer, it reminds me of New York in a way. So many people.

Words come hard-pressed like a good coffee or a olive oil. Only what has survived the refining process is worth anything. (is that true?) - [No, not always]


Taking those moments to slowly drink in air
like slow inhalations of nicotine or molasses-
the dark and ripping current invades.
Miss this city or love this city
we are the food it consumes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mi hermanos y hermana

Jacob & I

Lara, Me, Pierce

Friday, June 27, 2008

Not enough concentration on the word

So I'm trying to figure out this whole blog thing. And I've been perusing others. I've decided that I focus to much on the whole image farming thing right now and that words are still of an essential order.

And now for something completely different:

Current thoughts and trends:

I haven't finished this since yesterday.....lets try again.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My little brother will be born again...

"Minos" by Patrick Mcarthy Chicago 2007

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You're made of water vapor
You're solid as a cloud
The space between your molecules
Is the space between the stars

You change like a volcano
Your body is just a moment

I am nothing but an animal that wants to share your life
My thoughts fill the universe

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Something....

... .. .

I still think about you a lot. Not in the same way, but you become consistently on my mind sometimes. I don't exactly know how to break away. I still love you, and I always will.

Only to be a spaceman....


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reviewing some things...

Things of yesterday...

-Walking to Reckless Records (where I picked up Bon Iver & 'Brain Salad Surgery' by EL&P on Vinyl), there was a woman talking on the phone complaining that nobody says anything nice anymore. So I put my hand on her shoulder and I told her that I loved her....I think she appreciated it.

-While biking to Kara's house some girls in a car drove by and handed me some roses. They were yelling that the roses were love for me, and that I was beautiful. It was flattering to say the least.

-At Kara's during out ritual, there was lighting in one small cloud in the sky. There were fireworks and there was one, giant, long-lasting, bright shooting star that fell through the sky. I started to feel like my hands and head were becoming full with magic again.

-During our circle, things were said. Deep things between people, that I dare not utter to others. But it reminded me that I love the world, a lot, and that I love people a lot. That there is a lot of darkness in this world, and that people easily get lost within the mire.

"I have a hard time grasping anything solid in this world anymore...."

"I'm thankful that I keep getting shoved into corners, because I don't know how to look at the whole, wide, beautiful world, if I'm not in a corner."

"I never felt like I stopped tripping last time..."

..... .... ... .. .

Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Solstice

Summer is here, or so they say, according to the position of the sun. However, it is the longest day of the year- yes, yes, it is.
I've constructed a small alter out of a mexican picture box.

| s+f |

hope fear

Draconis Sanguis - Tohu Va Vohu

- A sense of direction, or at least a more comfortable feeling with my lack of one
- An idea of occupation and living situation
- Putting the truth I know into more practice
- Continuing the process of continual self-improvement


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What it feels like to do this again...

Worked hard today, with my body. 12 hours roofing with a Doctor who does construction because he, "likes being intellectual, but intellectual jobs are so boring." An old black karate instructor, and a tripped out artist whose obsessed with Ketamine and Sci-fi. Oh, and then me. The youngest by 27 years. I find myself in the oddest and most wonderful situations.

Things work out, exactly as they should. The universe will conspire in your favor if you live in harmony with it's ebbs and flows.

"In all things Symbols reign supreme"

Love Love Love Love.

I feel like a full man on days like this. I feel confident, full, worked, sore, and wonderful. Things like showers and a short bike ride take on so much more meaning.

Not that anybody reads this...but you should check out: √Čtienne-Louis Boull√©e

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More Content to Follow...

"It is in the watches of the night that impressions are strongest and words are most eloquent; in the day time you are pressed for work"
-"Qur'an: The Mantled One


Monday, June 16, 2008

We Could Never Sleep

We could never sleep. Not since I can remember.
My Father tells me that my first few years on this planet, I was horrible to live with. I would not sleep. I would cry. Unless he took me driving at 80mph down the desert highways. Then I would fall asleep with the humming engine.
I sleep well on the road-living in busses-riding in cars-the hum of the road. Never-ending River.

My hands don't seem heavy with magic as often as they used to.

--( )-- --( )--

The Rain drops Tip Toe
The music curls around warm currents
I wrap myself in a ca-coon.
No more of this silly game, playing real life
No more of this charade of earthly life
To be all but on the road to Nirvana
Pink + Blue Swirl of prayer wheels
Take this time to watch the snowflakes fall
Take this time to incubate anew
Take this time for wanderings + wonders
These things that make your heart explode

-Found in the Jellyfish Journal

--( )-- --( )--

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why should we let the night die away, when we can simply devour it?

World Naked Bike Ride: Chicago 2008 (Last Night)

Drink the day and spend lazy hours in the sun
Skin warm + worn + weary
The city looks beautiful in twilight
The little ones are cozy in their homes,
saying the same thing and drinking

How wonderfully horrible and repetitious
How banal and routine
You are not yet artists you
The ones who spend the night talking about the works
that they want to make some day.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Science of Racism

So my thoughts over the last month or so have been highly concentrated on the continuing evolution of humans. Because, as we all must admit, it is ridiculous to believe that (wo)man is any type of apex, any type of stopping point, any type of high point. Most of my ideas are influenced by Pierre Baldi at the moment as well as a myriad of past readings on the subject.

Now I'm not one to believe in synchronicity or any of that, but in the last two days AIDaily ( has published two articles on this general idea. I've listed them both below. One makes the argument for our differences, and in a way, that it is what makes us even more unique and amazingly human. The other one uses it as a basis for racism. It's funny how simple truths (truths?) can be used for both good and ill.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our Eyes take the soul of their shapes....

I have cataloged a lot of old family photos. I have no idea who most of the people are, and will never know. But something about wanting to keep their souls alive calls me....
It's ridiculous to believe that my actions do anything more for these people beyond what it does for myself. But still...

We eat young blood. We eat young blood. We need their blood to keep alive our own.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Starting Something From Nothing...

Thoughts which we may digress about later: Eat the children. Evolution Does not Stop.

But rather we should focus on things that are more immediate- or at least were immediate in the moments that I was writing them. I enjoy this summer weather, it gives me time to meditate on past seasons, the elements serve as reminders + gate keepers.

I dug hot blue evenings in unfamiliar streets
Drunk on whiskey + eating mangoes from street vendors
I jingle almonds in my pocket
Finding 'urban' and 'metropolis' to take on added meanings
Feeling hollowed out and stripped away
I remember simpler summers and wish for them.
The statues + I held discourse in parks,
while my bags waited in stranger's rooms
When I returned they offered me tea + liquor
We waited at train stations + on street corners
Eating the heart of the night,
letting its juice drip down our chins,
and make our fingers sticky.

This summer:
I wonder what makes a man
Natural grey stone - moving refections on water
My contentment seems faltering
and I close my eyes and remember
how happy I was - Last Summer: