Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Polly wants some water - maybe I should get off her first

Could this me your Animus?

Treasures like magnetic force and oil drills. We are at a brink of something that we may have never seen before. We are pushing ourselves into new territory, and its not safe...but nothing is these days. So don't worry.
Let your laughters crescendo.
Reputation is what you wear on your sleeve. Rapids. Evergreens.
Everything happens so fast. You just keep on chugging and moving, and grooving, passing, and sleeping. Each day at a time.

I want to love you with all of my heart.

What you can learn in a single moment can vibrate through your body for the rest of your life. Our energies are created by inward movement, and helped stay afloat by the outward energies that you attract. Don't loosen your grip. When the bull really starts moving, thats when the real test has begun. Eat the night as well as the sun. Always follow intrigue and never forget that there is always a something that you don't know is happening.

Monday, September 29, 2008

We are the last vestige of hope, or something like that.

Just more than 24 hours back from the first Great Lakes Regional Decomposition party...and oh my, oh my. What a great party it was, and we're only going to be doing it bigger in June. Lakes of Fire!
It was my first time stepping up to be a lead or anything like that. And as well, it was the first time I ever really had my own solid projects, I had two domes set up with deco and hookahs. It was fun mastering and figuring out the geodesic dome structure.
The effigy was quite wonderful, a factory, mostly of poochie's design I believe. And then a huge bramble ball was lit on fire and rolled into it. Fireworks on top, and the factory started to burn down.
Again, I don't believe in any of that hippy shit, but we definitely burned away the summer. Saturday was summer, Sunday was fall. Much fun and a wonderful burn...this made up for my unability to come out to the playa this year.
Oh my, oh my. Much love to everyone involved. I had an absolutley amazing time...chi-mi decompression

There was another transition inside of me. This one is coming even closer to an edge, another plane, the workings of a greater me. Excited. Hard work and concentration are necessary- otherwise we'll lose the energy we've built up. Leap-Leap-Leap.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Incredible factor of seperate points of view

You are a prison behind your rods ands cones. Locked into your narrow spectrum, how little we truly perceive. Let us dunk our heads in polluted waters and eat as many chemicals as possible- help speed up that random evolutionary factor. We'll all get laser vision, and flying abilities, some of us might even be able to make things float with out minds.
Why waste your time on silly meditations when there are much faster routes, they only cost a few installments of petty money. And you oh enlightened one, must know, that money is meaningless, so part with you "old life" and send your cash to us. Welcome to the soft lights.
We are (r)Evolving throughout all time. It never stops.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

All praise be to the unexpected future.

The head has fallen off the horseman. And the glue just won't do anymore.

I am a sapling. Rock-bound sentia. Waiting in the loading dock. Radiation effects my children's evolution. Planetary Womb.


The wind seems to suck itself into my lungs.

The ceiling caved-came down and spread around the floor and my bed. It leaked through staining shades of light brown and yellows. Cinnamon Skin. These interruptions have been brought to you by the indefinite time line.

[Additions for a later date:]
Starting on several days of little sleep we wake up early and feel as if the world is underwater. The pick up is an hour and a half late, enough time to wearily forget and get ready.
Gathering Wind---> Cozy Corner -------> Garage Sales. Revolver, The Wall, Houses of the Holy = 3$
Went to Bim's Ranch. Indian summer type of a day. Forgot to take photos- will have to rely on my memory. The internet will never forget.
The colors in leaves rival anything that you have ever done with pigment.
We ate wild mushrooms and dug holes in sand. S-arsaparilla-s, white oaks, blueberry bushes.
We went to church, the only real church

(Kids will be Skeletons)

Sunday, September 14, 2008


By SubterfugeMalaises on Deviant Art

Worried children salute the president. The vibrations in the airwaves effect your mind more than you realize. The world seems more on edge when you are absent from the epi-center. All our friends have moved on. Proceed>>>

Silence is different here.

The words I want to say won't come out sometimes, and this is all I'm left with.

w|Wasting makes me hungry.
e}energy is not wasted
s[uspend your knowing
tired children sleep

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Always falling for the hero...

(Dreams of flying)

Somethings are interests, others obsessions, some are fetishes, others are synchronicity, even more are daydreams, and then, a few of them set your soul on fire.

It's a battle between believing that you can be [extra]+[ordinary], and knowing that you're just another. Both Ant & Brahma.

It reminds me of a speech I read somewhere. It was given by a South American President, and in a rough and much breedlove-ized paraphrase he said, "We are more afraid of the light we hold, than the darkness. We are afraid to be wonderful and daring, brave and courageous. We are afraid of the powers we hold within us." True?

How much are you willing to let go? Are you willing to bet your whole view of reality? ----> The Truth: I'm scared.

We hold the universe inside us. We are apart from nothing. Let go now. L.E.A.P.
Everything is perfect.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Destroy Yourself--Or everything else will do it for you.

Things are starting to move quicker now. The warmth from the sun is going down, slowly, and so the warmth from movement/friction must pick up the pace. Sometimes, even when things are not important, they seem overwhelming.

This virus is running a muck. I was almost done with it, and then, got it again, from another source.

"Damn the acts of trading saliva!" Yelled the man in the purple robe at the back of the room. "Damn it all to hell! You're pointless mashings and pressed faces! Your energy is wasted!".
He was then quickly escorted from the room and brought to lower chambers of the castle. He was quite calm once we seized him roughly, and was silent even when we strapped him down to the table. The executioner came a few minutes later carrying his regular assortment of gleaming vegetables and letter-openers.
The man in purple put up no fight. The blade is raised. "I am the cup and you are the sword," said the purple man, and as the blade came down, "...I am as guilty as thee. Your sexuality is my violent might." And he was dead and pleased.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Disposable-s

So I found two random disposable cameras that have been in my possession for quite awhile. One was developed today, the other tomorrow. Here are a few of my favorites from the first role:

Light from the Bum Cave on the lakefront (destroyed)

View from the Diversey Lake front Rocks (destroyed)

Santa Con 2006

A pier in Evanston facing West

Same Pier facing East

Baha'i Temple

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alas, we are young and strong.

Have to say- had quite a wonderful holiday today. We went down to the forest preserve, and it was beautiful with colors and friends. Swimming in creeks, finding shells, biking, napping and other wonderful things...

But alas, no need to bore you with the real world. And now onto this:

'Scatter Shot'

When I was within the darkness, I was focused on a point
Small, Singular, Apart: yet indistinguishable from all others
Sometimes though, I'd get distracted-
By what I was hoping was a something
But always, was a nothing.
Like all the rest of the points

And then, I'd go back to my spot and
Contemplate. Imagine:
Exploding with a million lights
everything miraculously emerging in an instant.
The scatter shot of space,
God's Semen
Fire is just water spilling up.

But always just a nothing.
Silent + Simmering in that spot of space
Singular yet indistinguishable from the rest.
Until one day...