Thursday, March 12, 2009

These changed a little bit after...

I anxiously await for it to be green...
Musings lately: On uncertainness.
Not the void kind- rather the hazy future.

Learning to strike some things out,
bashing our untied shoes against a large unmovable rock.
Yes, yes, yes, no? Yes

Gears move when we're here and, not
nonsense makes a little more sense
never all the time and sometimes

KEOAVH AZ - 37 - Dragons

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chiditarod 2009

So Saturday (3/7) was the Chiditarod 2009.
It's a canned food drive disguised as a pub crawl/shopping cart race. We have 5 different pit stops, with a required 20 minute stop at each bar. There were over 100 teams this year in an assortment of costumes.
My favorites were definitely the pope mobile and the Bill & Ted's phone booth (seen below) for costumes and cart design. But both Synchro teams took it with their separate grill carts this year. One of them serving up Bacon, and the other burgers and kabobs along the routes.
It should be noted that many participants weren't up to the weather (which included tons of rain) or couldn't hold their alcohol, and bailed out early. Several shopping carts were abandoned. Shame, shame, shame. You need to finish a race! That's how we get the canned food to the drop point!

And I think the bacon cart, and Poochie, would be proud for me to mention, that they were absolutely, and totally dead last.

I didn't take to many pictures as:
A. It was pouring Rain
B. I was busy doing other things
But I did shoot a little bit at the start line. So here you go.


Wanna race next year?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

STA internship video

So I'm at a hotel in Lisle, IL and I'm doing a shoot for "Strengthening Families Illinois" and I realize I really want to enter that STA contest, and it ends today!
So the video isn't as great as I'd like it to be.
....I had plans for this video....I wish I had had the time to put it all together...
But it's fun, and I like the animation a lot.
Hopefully I'll get in the top 10 and they'll let me make another video....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

And Another, and Another...

Just a few quick things. No real purpose or want.

Oh Mr. Obama...

Oh and a weird thing. These speakers down in the Subway. I happened to be down there at 4 am or so the other night. And the speakers are admitting this barely audible, high-pitch screech noise. Almost like the kind they say can ward off teenagers....
hmmm.... Mr. Daley is this your work?

Here are some pictures of the evolution of the castle.
The kitchen is all ripped up because we are Finally getting a new clothes washer and dryer! Whoo hoo! And now....we also have a drum set with the minatour.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And into another month...

Something big is going to happen. Not sure what. Not sure when.
But it's coming, and crawling, and hiding the whole way...
And when it comes out, and throws off its mask we'll all go "Ah ha! So thats what you are!"
But we'll be to late. Because its already here and gone.
And now its up to us, to pick up the pieces.