Friday, January 30, 2009


Wanderings through womb time:
It was easier the second time to descend. I like pretending that I'm submerging into some type of ancient Egyptian tomb- one where the Nile flows below it.
This is the place where we begin to think that space travel is possible. Not in our bodies, rather in our minds. Our bodies are just carbon husks protecting the more precious and ethereal light within.

This immediately became clear: this is a process and will take several journeys before any true or cosmic insight is to be found.

The answers to most of my questions lay in the back of my mind even now. It is just revealing and trusting in them before they have become solid manifestations in this world. I know. I know. I know. I know. Leap.

Everything you think you know from your senses is wrong.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't even like this music...

It's that point in winter-
Where on the warm days you think, "This isn't so bad."
And when it's a cold day you think, "I hate this. It will never end."

Crawling towards February.

No point in boring you with diatribe. This is a photo update. All (crappy) digital.

We used to play paint ball back here...

I'm working on a small video piece about this buoy right now.

Old light house. I like the texture.

Old fort in Cartagena, Colombia. Of course it took 14 years or something and thousands of lives...

Here you can see the fortress in the midst of the city.
I think it's absolutely crazy that only four hundred years ago thats what the world was. A completely different place filled with completely different rules.
And it wasn't that long ago...

I went to their Modern Art Museum.

...and now its back to this! Winter biking!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Horizons seem Full and Surmountable

So. I've been wanting opportunity to come my way. And that it has.
I always appreciate (and relish) the fact that the universe provides with much more than you even ask for. It seems if there are almost to many things to be done at the moment. Drowning in opportunity is a good place to be.

Just started Godel, Escher, Bach. Look for future content heavily influenced by these lines.

Just a quick update. We'll talk soon.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello. Thank you for tuning in again. If the reception is bad - please consider consulting your pineal gland.

The moment of output and input equalizing within oneself is a subtle but important shift in ones consciousness. Developing a meaningful and important connection between ones brain and its vessel (or body) is a difficult yet easily followable pathway. It goes beyond your regular 4-circuit consciousness. (DNA-RNA feedback) BRAIN-BODY feedback loops. Using your bodies energy to propel the mind, and the minds energy to control the experiences and movements of ones body.
You can do this while aware- as a practice, or, while asleep as you have more of your life.

Super Powers are possible. So is levitation. Begin by realizing that its all movable and impermanent.

Oh. And goodnight Mr. Bush. Thank you and no-thank you for your services. I do think that even if our opinions differ to the point of extremes, that you tried what you thought was best. I do not believe you were malicious or evil. But I do believe that you were wrong. You surely will be remembered in times to come.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Oh My

Well I was gone for a bit of an extended break there. No connection with much of my internet world. This creates an interesting vacuum for my digital self to now re-inhabit. So what of this world that keeps moving at 107278.87 km/hr? (at least in one direction)

The time for extended thinkings and long stares at pinpoints in space has now flown. We reach a more critical moment as the points on the map turn into larger circles of confusion. Sometimes when the focus goes, you realize that there are only a few directions to move in anyways. I do not miss the clearer resolution. HD is for people who are stationary. Now I realize that I already have my direction and the loss of sharpness is a result of the speed in which I am traveling.

The interconnectedness of this universe, my cells, and our relationships seems to be both gathering glue and losing their grip in the same instance. This is the secret- that all dualities must co-exist together. It is their discord that gives us this illusion of Euclidean 3-D.

Our adventures become more real as we grasp this being the only moment that we are available to. I know you're out there- and that you're listening through multiple avenues. The Telepathic lines are being re-opened. Welcome in.