Thursday, March 13, 2008

Space Ships & Cloverfields

So I'm done taking that Small Screen Video class, and now I have a blog from it...

I'm thinking that I should make use of it. I write in a lot of paper journals and why not a public internet one? I am the person who constantly talks about the future and the internet and how exciting/scary it is to me and the world.

I love the fact that looking at my computer right now I can see Niagara Falls, Moscow (2 angles!), The Pyramids of Giza and another small Russian place I cannot spell- Taziniki(?). Web cams.

I think part of this blog maybe that I want it to be public, but I don't want to reveal who I am. I'm sure some people, if they stumble upon it, might be able to figure it out. But I like that idea of anonymity.

I need to go pick up a Duluth Carpenter from the bus station. Ciao.

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