Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chiditarod 2009

So Saturday (3/7) was the Chiditarod 2009.
It's a canned food drive disguised as a pub crawl/shopping cart race. We have 5 different pit stops, with a required 20 minute stop at each bar. There were over 100 teams this year in an assortment of costumes.
My favorites were definitely the pope mobile and the Bill & Ted's phone booth (seen below) for costumes and cart design. But both Synchro teams took it with their separate grill carts this year. One of them serving up Bacon, and the other burgers and kabobs along the routes.
It should be noted that many participants weren't up to the weather (which included tons of rain) or couldn't hold their alcohol, and bailed out early. Several shopping carts were abandoned. Shame, shame, shame. You need to finish a race! That's how we get the canned food to the drop point!

And I think the bacon cart, and Poochie, would be proud for me to mention, that they were absolutely, and totally dead last.

I didn't take to many pictures as:
A. It was pouring Rain
B. I was busy doing other things
But I did shoot a little bit at the start line. So here you go.


Wanna race next year?

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