Saturday, April 18, 2009

Braver Than Before

This is where it all gets heavy,
Planets circumvent the sun
All of this ends in fire or darkness
Depending on how long your orbit lasts.

Standing up and punching out
moving your feet so fast that you're floating
Remember that the stars give their lives
to fight the void

And are re-created in inferior forms.

Why am I so weak- that I must have answers?
I demand a yes or no. The ultimatum.
To immature for ambiguities or maybe or lets see...
I wonder if my folly is my urgency
I wonder if my folly is my passion

For I am young and hopeful
what more do I have?
I believe that the stars maybe rocked from their mantles,
And the earth uprooted from its path.
I acknowledge myself the fool

There is no decision if you sit on the fence post
If you should have done it yesterday,
maybe you should still do it today?

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay
to let me down.

You offered me new views of the universe
in silence i declined.
I'm selfish now and want it back.
An odd nature to make things over dramatic,
What a silly little monkey I am.

I mean it.

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