Friday, July 31, 2009

It's all just been a moment....

This is how everything works. There you go I showed you.
Oh you missed the lesson? Well I'll show you again tomorrow- and I'll show you again each day after that.

Missed a beat here or there. Been hard to write. Hard to concentrate on the those underwater levels. Not enough time to wander in the dream time. But it comes it comes. And All of the PLAYing we've been doing in the mean time will surely pay off.

What do we feel like saying? What do we feel like affirming? How can we walk a balanced line?

.: Tricky .:. Tricky .:. Tricky :.

Push through- push through- push on.
Remember lessons learned in Jazz Clubs last summer. Be aware of the lessons you learn now:

Because if I don't remember it- who will? Humanity hasn't been doing a very good job left to its own....

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