Monday, December 15, 2008

When things fall wayside and the bottom is cold

Things are becoming more icy, more cold, and whatever word is four times harsher than brisk. I fear the end of the biking season, while I have not officially hung up the tires yet, I may have to admit that December 14th was the last day I ventured out.

Personal projects and business development is on the fore front of the mind. I'm hoping to find the website ( up and running with reels and magic sometime soon in the new year. Hopefully this will also help facilitate the final creation and production of MinotaurTV (MTV if you will...)

We'll be uploading the Sky Factory music video, the Artisan Time Lapse, Personal Reels, Science Dog, an unfinished Icarus2.0 trailer and Charles Shaw's lecture all quite soon. In the mean time its back to the editing bay.


Always remember that there is more behind the mud in your head. The reality of everyday repetition clouds the under current of your more primal thoughts. While these areas of your mind may seem "sinister" or "savage" it can be assured that this is nothing more than the fears and sexual taboos of your far gone ancestors.
If one, such as yourself, finds it easy to dwell upon these thoughts, it is highly encouraged. In times antique you would have been considered to be a spiritual and connected individual, whereupon in this digital and precise age, you are seen as dysfunctional, odd, and stubborn.
Please use your dreams as road maps to the future. Make sure to channel
appropriately. And remember no man is an island-- yet we are all islands popping up singularly, from the ocean which makes the collective sleepy tide of human thought.

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