Monday, December 1, 2008

Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep

"Art documentation is by definition not art; it merely refers to art, and in precisely this way it makes it clear that art in this case is no longer present and immediately visible but rather absent and hidden."
Boris Groys

(stolen from> [nonsource)

Things buzz and it is cold. This winter will take sometime to get through- but I like time that takes time. Because so much of it goes so fast these days. Watching my family grow up is truly strange, as it must be for them to watch me grow up.

More freelance work is needed. And Soon. If you know of any/have any please send it my way.

A day later, I continue writing another post that I am not sure if I will actually publish. I save these and then work on them, and then they are deleted. Quite un-worthwhile.

When we were slightly younger
There were trees that grew up into the heavens, and our fathers
had built tunnels down into the earth.
And we became greedy. Wanting more
So we chopped down the trees, and we moved the earth
which shifted the mantle and collapsed the tunnels
like veins being choked off by old fat binges and white goo.
And then when the sky fell we had no where to run
but its what we deserved and so I was thankful
what is comfortable is not always what we should be
but in todays world- Im not sure if anyone agrees


digsynova3 said...

it's an interesting article, isn't it?

little d said...

"so I was thankful
what is comfortable is not always what we should be".....exactly! might help myself to explain what i wrote last night...hmm