Monday, May 16, 2011

21 Days

Who has been writing my story of late? It seems as if someone that was not me at times. Taking hold of this vessel is at times so much harder than I had imagined.

I have found myself- by the might of speed and time- to be HERE and NOW. I must take hold of these reigns and ride it out into the dying light. Meditating lots on the Caduceus and the Wrench. Building, Healing, Evolving, Growing. These things are not without reach. And while I may have created the ideas with the idea of another- I must still follow through- for why else am I here?

Magicians hands come out of the earth. Worn and Eaten, but so ready to fill with wonder and might. Along these dark evenings we shall plot the most glorious moments we have ever know. Wonder is here and bright and constant.
Whatever it is we must follow.

"Do you know how much more of you I can experience when you are relaxed and comfortable?"

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