Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How many times must I tell myself?

The Future is coming. The future is here. Don't get to caught up in time little monkey. Let things settle where they may, ad find the path of least resistance among them. Stop trying to direct so much of the energy and just let it FLOW...

We've been caught in a viscous cycle. One that we did not know how to break. Tough Luck. Big Deal. Everyone has shit.
It's not being cynical. It's being realistic. It rains on everybody. Get over it. NOW. Why wait?

There is a magic that we have lost. There is a focus we have lost. There is meaning we have lost. What is more important than these things? Nothing. Especially not the things you have been chasing.
Tell yourself each day that THIS ONE IS NEW. And there is a chance to FLOW more FREELY.

How many times have I told myself that I have lost the path? Time to find it again. Warp Speed.

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