Monday, October 13, 2008

Cloud Factory/Sky Tower

So its a very good week for several reasons. But one of them specifically being that Kristin Ford is back in town. We got together and I got an early copy of her new CD
"Dirty Nasty" and as we'd already planned talking about doing a music video.
Well sometimes talking turns into doing- so because of her short stay we went out and filmed a bunch today. I'm pretty happy with the footage. it maybe a bit dark and/or grainy at times. Lots of people making out, guitars, and white paint!

Check out her myspace:

We're making a video for the song Sky Factory. So take a listen and take a look at a few pictures from today:

40ft of cement making madness.

We take a few shots before we go up.

View from half way up.

We started playing with paint after we destroyed a guitar...

Gill & Jake

The group

Kfo & I

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little d said...

images 2/3/4 are awesome..great view on 3! and the last one...libs gonna kill you!! (hehe)..but hey where are the smashing getar pix!! hello!! shit and for that matter or the make out pix...teasers for the video i get it!!!