Thursday, October 9, 2008

Post-futurist Manifesto

We the Youth have thrown out their bodies and old ideas into the fire-
To create a new challenge for living men + women.

We write this standing on the edge. The edge looms before we, just un-reachable and yet rapidly moving closer, infinite, we look into the future.

The human race has pushed + sped us to this moment that is: Now. We celebrate the now. Faithfully + indulgently using our 5 senses to register the given fabric of this time + space. Nothing is off-limits. Technology + Nature infused into one gigantic heartbeat. We recognize the importance of nature on the same scale that we recognize the importance of cement, steel, cybernetics and electronics; both are sacred.

We have had frightful visions of the apocalypse that is nigh. We have had ecstatic daydreams of the utopia that is nigh. Both visions are truth, both vanish like smoke. Living in the now does not give us the right to deny the future. Our work creates the future, celebrates the future, envisions the future.

The belief is that all people have an opinion, a vision, a statement- and all of these are valid. Thus we do not deny any idea, creed, any vision except those of ignorant and misdirected hate.
The goal is to explore the highest points + the lowest points of intellectual conversation, radical self-expression, physical titillation, and spiritual journey. We recognize that to have the best, we must also have the worst. Opposites are linked by inseparable bonds of invisible might.

We will not apologize for our visions of the future! Even when we are selves are taken over by the future and proven wrong, ignorant, and pitiful.

War is not the answer. Freedom is our deliverance.

We seek to celebrate both feminism and masculinity. Both ideas are to be celebrated + used as points of dialogue. Society is threatened by both sexes being oppressed, confused and conformed.

Not all things of the past are irrelevant. We do not agree with all those who came before us. Yet, some things are worth preserving. We do not tend to live or be created within a vacuum. Instead we seek to live in + be created in the evolution of Homo Sapiens. What we seek to throw away is that which has become trite and meaningless. To throw out out-dated ideology and ritual and instead seeking to create new ideas and rituals that are meaningful to us, in this now.

When we are aged, throw us into the fire as well. Re-shape the world, the words, the meaning. For when our bodies die, our futures do as well.

We stand at the edge of the world + man’s heroic struggle. Screaming out this mission into the stars- that empty and amassive space.

Does this still hold true for us?

Environmental Transformer 1968

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