Friday, October 17, 2008

There is something up ahead.

We are planning the next inevitable step in things to come. Our machine is running out of steam. and the gears need more oil, but the ground has gone dry. The crazy men, who've been tinkering in their attics are ready to come out now. They've made a few new gadgets that run on wind and sun. If you look around the gold watch-band they give you- it's covered in astro-physical symbols like those of Dr. Zeitgeist. They tell you things about your soul, but only after you've already discovered them.
The big guy is practicing air brakes. So that we can all run away in a bus when the world starts tumbling down. I'm hoping we dont have to use the shotguns, but we're not taking any chances.
Maybe we can run away from all of this and make our own microcosm. Ordered after the stars in the sky on the night we first set free. We look inside ourselves and we find the mysteries of the universe. Our hands melt through trees like they are water. It was only a matter of time until all the atoms met up right. We are mostly empty space.
Forgive us for being quiet for so long. Forgive us for when we become over-zealous to late. We all knew it was coming. some of us prepared for nothing and some of us watched dumbly. The ones who had been practicing using their minds like jedi, they were the only ones with any real upper-hand. But it was all in their heads, and yet it was in ours too.
- You are more powerful than you imagine.
- They are speaking to you even now.
- Aliens are among us. And all of us just laugh.

-GSYBE knew it all along. and RAW is writing this as I type-

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