Monday, November 17, 2008

quick mention....and then more a bit later

First of all: KEO
And for those of you who are more into: Wiki

The Keo Project is a piece of Space Art, (wait? Thats a genre!) conceived in 1994 by Jean-Marc Philippe. KEO is a satellite that will hopefully be launched into space and then fall back to earth in 50,000 years. It will hold personal messages from anyone who writes in. Messages from people all over the world- those who are unable to write (elderly, children, hard-to-reach places) are especially encouraged to write in- which I'm digging. Apparently there is enough digital room in the plans to hold a 4 page letter written by everyone on earth. (So you should write in!) The satellite will also hold a drop of human blood, chosen randomly, and a few other artifacts like a digital modern day "library of Alexandria".
Which when you think about it.....50,000 years? Thats like taking a time machine back to when our ancestors invented fire!
How much will our species accomplish by then? Will we even be the same species? We maybe wiped out, we maybe so differently evolved....
Reading the letters of 50,000 years past is an amazing glimpse of the past for the future! Imagine...we may seem like beautiful, dreaming, and hopeful creatures! Or we may look like fearful, paranoid, unsure depends what WE write.

Cool idea. Cool concept.
Here is a picture of the satellite:


BenBertin said...

In 50,000 years, if mankind is still around in any shape or form, all language used in the satellite would probably be dead! This is really cool.

Gandhiwars said...

Tis true.
But thats why they will all be encoded in several languages and in several formats.
As well- there will be visual symbols on top of the DVD to show anyone who finds it how to build one of those old "relics" called a DVD player.

They thought a lot about this stuff.

little d said...

oh the geeky archivist in me..even though i am supposed to be a digital one ..thinks written words on tangible surfaces should be included as well. hard to estimate what would last i get that but..a dvd..come on its will never last..the damn things rot. but i really dig the idea for sure....project?? hm?

digsynova3 said...

quite amazing.

little d said...

so did you ever send a message? lets if not!