Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 Chicago Halloween Parade (Rats Rats Rats)

Welcome to Rat City!

My good friend, Tom Laporte, has been running the Chicago Halsted Street Parade for the past 6 years. This year, he gave away some of his responsibilities to Ben Fain. A graduate student from SAIC. He transformed the parade into a very loose, fruedian, analogy of our subconsciousness. It was complete with a float with spinning pizza, a scared old man, and some 30-40 rats!
We got some great reactions from the crowd. Scared some kids, scared some adults!, and got a bunch of "ooohs" and "ahhhhs".
I'm never quite sure how we get away with these things....Thank you Tom Laporte & Ben Fain.

The Rat Float

I'm dressed as a Rat with a Flame Thrower!

I, looking quite tired and sweaty, along with Downtown Dave on his cellphone.

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