Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is labour of love

Icarus 2.0

So. I've (mostly) finished shooting Spenser's Image Design film. The camera jammed twice! Once during the city shots, and once during the wing shots....which is really to bad. We probably didn't get it on 16mm....but c'est la vie.
It was all intended to be done on 16mm but I also was able to capture some video of the burns, as well as both 35mm and digital stills.

So what to do with what I have?
The film was supposed to be a hybrid film between the stories of Prometheus and Icarus. A story about gaining fire (industry, technology, energy) and about what happens when it gets to hot and burns out of control. It looks like the Prometheus section (Kits Film) may not even get done now...

So what to do, what to do...

I've been playing with the Icarus myth for awhile now. And I would like to continue. This project may not have come into fruition this time. But now I have some building blocks. I want to play with the Icarus story more! And it will build, maybe into a completely different project that I had previously though.
Anyone out there want to collaborate?

Well anyways. Here are some photos of process and shoot.

Starting to build the city

Miniature DPW city planning

Getting ready for the shoot with Spens and Mike.

The city with detail on the water

The City Burning


Wing Test w/ Andreas drooping seed in the foreground.

Mike as Icarus

His hand is supposed to be on fire....and then it fell off.

Im lighting the wings on fire on the back of Mike here.

Mike looking horrified.

Icarus running with his wings on fire.


Smukie said...

Looks pretty sweet Chris. Good to see that one of us is staying active with film. Did you get the footage back? How did it turn out? Any disasters with the fire?

Some nice pictures too!

little d said...

'drooping seed' how that thing makes so many cameos!

and i really like the title image of this blog!! great pic!!