Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Oh My

Well I was gone for a bit of an extended break there. No connection with much of my internet world. This creates an interesting vacuum for my digital self to now re-inhabit. So what of this world that keeps moving at 107278.87 km/hr? (at least in one direction)

The time for extended thinkings and long stares at pinpoints in space has now flown. We reach a more critical moment as the points on the map turn into larger circles of confusion. Sometimes when the focus goes, you realize that there are only a few directions to move in anyways. I do not miss the clearer resolution. HD is for people who are stationary. Now I realize that I already have my direction and the loss of sharpness is a result of the speed in which I am traveling.

The interconnectedness of this universe, my cells, and our relationships seems to be both gathering glue and losing their grip in the same instance. This is the secret- that all dualities must co-exist together. It is their discord that gives us this illusion of Euclidean 3-D.

Our adventures become more real as we grasp this being the only moment that we are available to. I know you're out there- and that you're listening through multiple avenues. The Telepathic lines are being re-opened. Welcome in.

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