Monday, January 19, 2009


Hello. Thank you for tuning in again. If the reception is bad - please consider consulting your pineal gland.

The moment of output and input equalizing within oneself is a subtle but important shift in ones consciousness. Developing a meaningful and important connection between ones brain and its vessel (or body) is a difficult yet easily followable pathway. It goes beyond your regular 4-circuit consciousness. (DNA-RNA feedback) BRAIN-BODY feedback loops. Using your bodies energy to propel the mind, and the minds energy to control the experiences and movements of ones body.
You can do this while aware- as a practice, or, while asleep as you have more of your life.

Super Powers are possible. So is levitation. Begin by realizing that its all movable and impermanent.

Oh. And goodnight Mr. Bush. Thank you and no-thank you for your services. I do think that even if our opinions differ to the point of extremes, that you tried what you thought was best. I do not believe you were malicious or evil. But I do believe that you were wrong. You surely will be remembered in times to come.

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Smukie said...

Goodbye Bush, but don't worry Obama will won't stray too far from you policies. ; )