Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't even like this music...

It's that point in winter-
Where on the warm days you think, "This isn't so bad."
And when it's a cold day you think, "I hate this. It will never end."

Crawling towards February.

No point in boring you with diatribe. This is a photo update. All (crappy) digital.

We used to play paint ball back here...

I'm working on a small video piece about this buoy right now.

Old light house. I like the texture.

Old fort in Cartagena, Colombia. Of course it took 14 years or something and thousands of lives...

Here you can see the fortress in the midst of the city.
I think it's absolutely crazy that only four hundred years ago thats what the world was. A completely different place filled with completely different rules.
And it wasn't that long ago...

I went to their Modern Art Museum.

...and now its back to this! Winter biking!


Smukie said...

Nice stuff Chris. I am jealous that you got to go to Colombia. It is such an amazing and beautiful place. Nice pictures and what's the deal with the buoy?

It is also nice to see that picture of my old bathroom :/

little d said...

the pictures are wonderful would love to see more..and i love the auto portrait..tilt the mirror next time to control the flash..see what it does..