Thursday, October 7, 2010

And travelling through....

I am so amazed right now. I feel like I've been shot out of a long tunnel. Or at the very least like someone took off my "jaded POV' sunglasses.
I'm dusting myself off, and looking at the damage. There is nothing that has been broken beyond at least a moderate repair.
Wow. Wow. Wow. Humbling. Motivating. Stunning. The light is so bright now.

I had to go through a lot of shit to get here. I had to learn a lot of lessons. Lessons that I had to learn now, so that I maybe the person I want to be in the future.
I wonder if asking to be a hero, means we get more challenges early on?

I am up for it. This was a hard one. But I havn't backed down yet. No! No!

So much under the surface. I am just really seeing it for the first time.

And I am so happy that I have the chance.

How did I ever think I would get wise and old without fucking up along the way?

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