Monday, October 4, 2010

Reaching out and

finding small trails of light. A little to long wondering where there wasn't any.
taking little leaps and small steps to correct my mis-footings. waking up and looking at a mirror each day helps. how strange 2 years can go by and you dont notice how far off the path you've been.

going down deep and realizing that it can all change in a few seconds.
now. now. now. now. now
Self correctional programs have re-ignited. 1....2.....3......and launch!

Into stratosphere and higher levels of energy. Warmer vibrations, and settling in.
Air-roots and focus. Spinning color wheels and moon songs. Searching for what it is...

Knowing it is in full effect now.

Maybe its to late to save some things- but others are just beginning.

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