Saturday, June 21, 2008

Reviewing some things...

Things of yesterday...

-Walking to Reckless Records (where I picked up Bon Iver & 'Brain Salad Surgery' by EL&P on Vinyl), there was a woman talking on the phone complaining that nobody says anything nice anymore. So I put my hand on her shoulder and I told her that I loved her....I think she appreciated it.

-While biking to Kara's house some girls in a car drove by and handed me some roses. They were yelling that the roses were love for me, and that I was beautiful. It was flattering to say the least.

-At Kara's during out ritual, there was lighting in one small cloud in the sky. There were fireworks and there was one, giant, long-lasting, bright shooting star that fell through the sky. I started to feel like my hands and head were becoming full with magic again.

-During our circle, things were said. Deep things between people, that I dare not utter to others. But it reminded me that I love the world, a lot, and that I love people a lot. That there is a lot of darkness in this world, and that people easily get lost within the mire.

"I have a hard time grasping anything solid in this world anymore...."

"I'm thankful that I keep getting shoved into corners, because I don't know how to look at the whole, wide, beautiful world, if I'm not in a corner."

"I never felt like I stopped tripping last time..."

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