Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Starting Something From Nothing...

Thoughts which we may digress about later: Eat the children. Evolution Does not Stop.

But rather we should focus on things that are more immediate- or at least were immediate in the moments that I was writing them. I enjoy this summer weather, it gives me time to meditate on past seasons, the elements serve as reminders + gate keepers.

I dug hot blue evenings in unfamiliar streets
Drunk on whiskey + eating mangoes from street vendors
I jingle almonds in my pocket
Finding 'urban' and 'metropolis' to take on added meanings
Feeling hollowed out and stripped away
I remember simpler summers and wish for them.
The statues + I held discourse in parks,
while my bags waited in stranger's rooms
When I returned they offered me tea + liquor
We waited at train stations + on street corners
Eating the heart of the night,
letting its juice drip down our chins,
and make our fingers sticky.

This summer:
I wonder what makes a man
Natural grey stone - moving refections on water
My contentment seems faltering
and I close my eyes and remember
how happy I was - Last Summer:

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