Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What it feels like to do this again...

Worked hard today, with my body. 12 hours roofing with a Doctor who does construction because he, "likes being intellectual, but intellectual jobs are so boring." An old black karate instructor, and a tripped out artist whose obsessed with Ketamine and Sci-fi. Oh, and then me. The youngest by 27 years. I find myself in the oddest and most wonderful situations.

Things work out, exactly as they should. The universe will conspire in your favor if you live in harmony with it's ebbs and flows.

"In all things Symbols reign supreme"

Love Love Love Love.

I feel like a full man on days like this. I feel confident, full, worked, sore, and wonderful. Things like showers and a short bike ride take on so much more meaning.

Not that anybody reads this...but you should check out: √Čtienne-Louis Boull√©e

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