Monday, June 16, 2008

We Could Never Sleep

We could never sleep. Not since I can remember.
My Father tells me that my first few years on this planet, I was horrible to live with. I would not sleep. I would cry. Unless he took me driving at 80mph down the desert highways. Then I would fall asleep with the humming engine.
I sleep well on the road-living in busses-riding in cars-the hum of the road. Never-ending River.

My hands don't seem heavy with magic as often as they used to.

--( )-- --( )--

The Rain drops Tip Toe
The music curls around warm currents
I wrap myself in a ca-coon.
No more of this silly game, playing real life
No more of this charade of earthly life
To be all but on the road to Nirvana
Pink + Blue Swirl of prayer wheels
Take this time to watch the snowflakes fall
Take this time to incubate anew
Take this time for wanderings + wonders
These things that make your heart explode

-Found in the Jellyfish Journal

--( )-- --( )--

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little d said...

you did mean your whole life, unless wheels are under you, are sure You are not the gypsy.