Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So I found this list of interests from, oh, lets say a year ago. So I'm posting this today and going to write a list of new interests tomorrow.....so enjoy....me.

List from, 'Ladies & Gentleman, We are Floating in Space...':
-Legends & Myths
-Creation Stories
-Large Mountains + Deep Rooted Trees
-Laying in Lilies
-What is the difference between philosophy and what we call true thinking?
-Do we learn from hodge-podge or from specialization?
-How does one know who one is?
-How do we justify being cruel + kinds?
-Why don't we notice when karma gets us?
-Who are the chosen ones? Are we all chosen?
-How do we choose to love? Why do we fool ourselves?
-Do souls exist?
-What does it take to happy?
-What does traveling teach me? Am I running away?
-What lessons are we learning day by day?
-What does it take to be selfless?
-How much should we give?
-How much should we let others take?
-When are we being taken care of?
-Those who usually complain about money have the most.
-TV sucks your mind away.
-Where do those without a home go?
-How much do we pay to be abused?
-They try and jack us, so then we accept it.
-The arts is like being a salesmen
Or like a whore.
-Sometimes the sun will bake our brains.
-Lying about competition is the best way to get what you want.
-Who are our truest friends?
-How many lazy people live in the world?

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