Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jedi Order

Space Knights.

We can bubble over like too much water in a hot pot, touching those other things in the void. Only if we take the time to simmer, to build, to pressurize. There is no liberation from it all, but there is a freedom from our bondage. Dream deep and fill your mind well.
There are certain things needed for a Quantum Leap. I have not attempted one before, but I sense that I am getting closer and closer to attaining one. What are the things that I must do, in my own self:
Diet, Excersise, Meditation, Right Action, Learning.

Bring oneself to the brink. Bet your whole existence on an idea and leap over into that other void- you'll be surprised how solid the clouds become. Drink in deep the darkness as well as the light. We are centered beings- or at least trying to be anyways.

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