Monday, August 25, 2008


Outline for the book:

1. I was born in nothingness. Bless the unknown.
2. S..l..o..w..l..y...Things begin to take form in the mist.
3. So. Here I am.
4. Things. Things. Things(without me). Things.
5. The body is a fragile thing.
    (and the world is very big + fast)
6. Do you remember waking up to colors one day? 
     +sunshine +love +mother
7. (Discover). The more I see, the more I substantiate.
8. The more I substantiate, the more solid everything else becomes.
     (There is so much that is not me)
9.  My seams appear to be coming undone.  
10.  The truth is...
                                We all get stuck in the  Mud
.                                                                Cities
.                                                            Patterns.
11.                          We all ache
                               We all have growing pains
Wondering:  Are We okay?
.                     And enough?
.                     And Loved?
12.  Wait.  Wait.  Wait.  Wallow.
13.  Inhale. "The best way out is always through" - R. Frost Exhale.
14.  NO MORE WAITING. >> Proceed.  Proceed.  Proceed.
15.  This place is new again.  (Wait for these moments)
16.   [Full Grown]  Time to come to the edge, take a look...
17.  (Things, all things.)
18.  Look again...
19.  Death.    The bubble of this is infinite.
20. The planet is falling through space.  No one is ever in control.
21.  This is a world I can only ever pretend to know.  
22.  I have a choice.  This is all I have to prove.
23.  Everything dissolves.  No fear.  LEAP.
24.  (Blank)
25.  And suddenly it, became, so light + clear
26.  And I could breathe, into me as I am.
27.  Static.  Tingling Limbs.  Like when you pull apart naked.

Begin again, from nothing.

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Tana Tu Productions said...

What is the meaning of your mahi (work)? Are you a actual film-maker?