Monday, September 1, 2008

Alas, we are young and strong.

Have to say- had quite a wonderful holiday today. We went down to the forest preserve, and it was beautiful with colors and friends. Swimming in creeks, finding shells, biking, napping and other wonderful things...

But alas, no need to bore you with the real world. And now onto this:

'Scatter Shot'

When I was within the darkness, I was focused on a point
Small, Singular, Apart: yet indistinguishable from all others
Sometimes though, I'd get distracted-
By what I was hoping was a something
But always, was a nothing.
Like all the rest of the points

And then, I'd go back to my spot and
Contemplate. Imagine:
Exploding with a million lights
everything miraculously emerging in an instant.
The scatter shot of space,
God's Semen
Fire is just water spilling up.

But always just a nothing.
Silent + Simmering in that spot of space
Singular yet indistinguishable from the rest.
Until one day...

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