Sunday, September 21, 2008

All praise be to the unexpected future.

The head has fallen off the horseman. And the glue just won't do anymore.

I am a sapling. Rock-bound sentia. Waiting in the loading dock. Radiation effects my children's evolution. Planetary Womb.


The wind seems to suck itself into my lungs.

The ceiling caved-came down and spread around the floor and my bed. It leaked through staining shades of light brown and yellows. Cinnamon Skin. These interruptions have been brought to you by the indefinite time line.

[Additions for a later date:]
Starting on several days of little sleep we wake up early and feel as if the world is underwater. The pick up is an hour and a half late, enough time to wearily forget and get ready.
Gathering Wind---> Cozy Corner -------> Garage Sales. Revolver, The Wall, Houses of the Holy = 3$
Went to Bim's Ranch. Indian summer type of a day. Forgot to take photos- will have to rely on my memory. The internet will never forget.
The colors in leaves rival anything that you have ever done with pigment.
We ate wild mushrooms and dug holes in sand. S-arsaparilla-s, white oaks, blueberry bushes.
We went to church, the only real church

(Kids will be Skeletons)

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