Monday, September 29, 2008

We are the last vestige of hope, or something like that.

Just more than 24 hours back from the first Great Lakes Regional Decomposition party...and oh my, oh my. What a great party it was, and we're only going to be doing it bigger in June. Lakes of Fire!
It was my first time stepping up to be a lead or anything like that. And as well, it was the first time I ever really had my own solid projects, I had two domes set up with deco and hookahs. It was fun mastering and figuring out the geodesic dome structure.
The effigy was quite wonderful, a factory, mostly of poochie's design I believe. And then a huge bramble ball was lit on fire and rolled into it. Fireworks on top, and the factory started to burn down.
Again, I don't believe in any of that hippy shit, but we definitely burned away the summer. Saturday was summer, Sunday was fall. Much fun and a wonderful burn...this made up for my unability to come out to the playa this year.
Oh my, oh my. Much love to everyone involved. I had an absolutley amazing time...chi-mi decompression

There was another transition inside of me. This one is coming even closer to an edge, another plane, the workings of a greater me. Excited. Hard work and concentration are necessary- otherwise we'll lose the energy we've built up. Leap-Leap-Leap.

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