Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Polly wants some water - maybe I should get off her first

Could this me your Animus?

Treasures like magnetic force and oil drills. We are at a brink of something that we may have never seen before. We are pushing ourselves into new territory, and its not safe...but nothing is these days. So don't worry.
Let your laughters crescendo.
Reputation is what you wear on your sleeve. Rapids. Evergreens.
Everything happens so fast. You just keep on chugging and moving, and grooving, passing, and sleeping. Each day at a time.

I want to love you with all of my heart.

What you can learn in a single moment can vibrate through your body for the rest of your life. Our energies are created by inward movement, and helped stay afloat by the outward energies that you attract. Don't loosen your grip. When the bull really starts moving, thats when the real test has begun. Eat the night as well as the sun. Always follow intrigue and never forget that there is always a something that you don't know is happening.


little d said...

....talk to me .....about pollys wants..or of unsafe places..or maybe about your hearts crescendo ...or single moments of loosing grip....in the cusp of uncharted territory

little d said...

i saw -him- tonight..it was uncanny. just like i imagine he would be..height, walk, movement, profile, gaze, speed in plaid and cap..he was outside my place half a block away..i stood..still ..and watched him walk past hoping he would turn my way.. and notice me...but alas