Saturday, September 6, 2008

Destroy Yourself--Or everything else will do it for you.

Things are starting to move quicker now. The warmth from the sun is going down, slowly, and so the warmth from movement/friction must pick up the pace. Sometimes, even when things are not important, they seem overwhelming.

This virus is running a muck. I was almost done with it, and then, got it again, from another source.

"Damn the acts of trading saliva!" Yelled the man in the purple robe at the back of the room. "Damn it all to hell! You're pointless mashings and pressed faces! Your energy is wasted!".
He was then quickly escorted from the room and brought to lower chambers of the castle. He was quite calm once we seized him roughly, and was silent even when we strapped him down to the table. The executioner came a few minutes later carrying his regular assortment of gleaming vegetables and letter-openers.
The man in purple put up no fight. The blade is raised. "I am the cup and you are the sword," said the purple man, and as the blade came down, "...I am as guilty as thee. Your sexuality is my violent might." And he was dead and pleased.

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