Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And another entry on this topic called LOVE

(Page 2) again transcribed by me with as much accuracy as possible.

Love is knowing your mom is always a phone call away, the alpha and the omega of all of this, seeing through the illusion to the true nature that connects us all, being the gathering with family, having faith, the brightest sun in the hottest desert, the blessing of us all, the mud on my feet, covers it all, honoring it all, to act out with patience-kindness-selflessness, the strength to keep your heart stretched open wide enough so you can step aside and let wholeness in, knowing that you belong, bonding with another on all levels, shouting “We Love You”, thinking with your heart, grace…that which flows into us from the universe and out from us into the universe, an open hand extended with glad fingers, living awake in a moment, listening with your whole being, pure and divine, the promotion of life, making beautiful harmony, true appreciation, life’s motive, being a friend no matter what, centered-ness extending into connection, thinking of someone every day, my soul with no control, wonderful, letting go of your prejudices and being free to comfort anyone, the foundation for family, connecting humanity to the world, being nice even when you don’t feel like it, the non-blinking eye looking at another, empowered by the Light of Life, doing something…not talking about it, energy moving, transcendental and awe inspiring, makes you whole, respect, riding the wave of pure truth, grokking everything that is, and really wanting to have the last cookie but letting someone else have it.

Love makes our hearts beat in unison, peace and tranquility, how a person understands their intimate living connection to all of creation, patience, flow, the Breath of Spirit, the willingness to stay present with our experience, willingness to be fully there, courage, Holy, acceptance of constant change, using your heart to hear love, always coming from a place of compassion, and the freedom to be vulnerable and let your guard down.

Love is leaving your guitar under your tarp because it is raining after breaking a string…and coming back and not only is your guitar there…but your string has been replaced.

Love is affection you never forget, remembering wherever you are someone is thinking of you, an undeterred stirring of beautiful minds, the rainbow, tasting spiritual ecstasy at every moment, and food for the soul.

Lust is selfish and love is selfless.

Love is having a green heart, the selfless act of giving yourself to someone and everyone, dancing with your soul open and free, oneness-realization…internal experience of deep deep knowing all of this is one divine organism, makes hard things seem easy and problems more workable, all cosmic beings enjoying acceptance and divine truth, mutual recognition and appreciation, letting out vivacious exuberance, ego-less, home, summer rain in the fields, without fear, being able to give up control, being ever connected with someone, something, and everything while still being free, the presence you feel when you are alone and you still feel whole, exists in everything.

Love is our original instructions.

Love is everything – without it there would be nothing.

Love is my seventeen-month year old daughters’ innocent eyes and beautiful smile…I knew she loved me before I gave her any reason to. Love is the cure-all medicine, and the blissful we all feel when we all feel when our life is in harmony with the Divine.

Love is all…when love becomes One Love…there is no separation: all possibilities become one possibility: which is only love…and thus duality is non-duality.

Love is empathy, when taking on the world is a piece of cake, reminding each other of how beautiful we are, trust in glorious companionship with the Divine and one another, attention to detail, 1 Corinthians 13.

Love is comfortably soft wombish warm and sexlectic.

Love is unlimited unconditional Divine Rainbow.

Love is external reflection of the beauty inside all creation large and small, different for everybody…but fundamentally the same…

Love is the spirit that moves in all things and binds us together.

Love is family, kindness, Mother Earth.

Love in unconditional.


[What is love? Please send your words to Rev. Peter Buck Reynolds at infinitelove@excite.com

These words maybe lovingly and freely distributed. We love you.

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little d said...

oh..that is exactly what i needed today..to understand others out there feel preciously what i am feeling...
..Love is the answer..whatever the question