Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some thoughts on things much like resolutions-

So as far as general life:
I havn't been working that hard- well I have and I havn't. I need to kick my ass into gear. Editing, writing, finding a job. Enjoy everything, remember how truly blessed you are, how wonderful the people you know are, how many people you know, how many opportunities that I have.

With Art:
I want to do documentary. Maybe TV? I want to travel. I should start making small films. Work on that resume.

Remember all the things you used to love. Photography, reading, all the things that were me, acting. Don't forget!

With Girls:
Why do I stress out so much? Why do I care? I say I don't want a relationship, but I act like I do. I say I don't want sex, but I act like I do. Start acting like how you want to act. That will be the best move that there is.

With life after college:
Travel, PEace Corps, Study, Grad school, teach english, travel....

Maybe I should just work hard in Chicago for a little while, doing my doc work??

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