Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Love is...

[Transcribed by me]

Love is:
(Gathered from many sisters and brothers in the forests of Pocahontas County, West Virginia)

Love is blossoming into the full spectrum of rainbow vibrations inside your heart, the connections between, enjoying life and being excellent to one another, a family that you can share life with, a gift to be given, a river of living water that comes down from heaven above, a seed that goes into a tree connected to the root inside of you, kind and beautiful, the hands of the Lord wrapped around you, knowing that you are not just friends but that you are family, trading your sister’s shoes for your own because they were giving her blisters…and then getting blisters yourself, a positive share of enlightenment, an open mind and an open heart, when you are always good to yourself…it shows you how to treat everyone else, acceptance, an unconditional feeling that all is forgiven, constantly changing your perception in order to accept self and others unconditionally, when you look up to a smiling day…knowing life in its wonderment, laying your life down for your friends, and placing your deepest trust in the Great Spirit.

Love is not simply for things or ideas or even people…love is to accept both the adversity and the harmony…the defects and the perfections…the ephemeral and the permanent…the ignorant and the enlightened…all implicit in the symphony of our existence

Love is an ineffable effulgence, the most powerful thing in the universe, Creation, growth from the crack in the void, the ripple of time can only be understood with heart and feeling, being kind in life, the fabric that holds us together, and trust.

Love is everything, it is infinite and finite duality…the only force that unites everything in everyway.

Love is patience and honesty, free and infinity abundant. Love is tenderness, the highest form of creation experiencing itself, to be beautifully and wholly bound to something.

Love is to be a mother.

Love is recognizing each other by looking at each other’s eyes, perfect, to bear another’s burdens, God, on the tips of our tongues, the sustenance of the soul, the key emotion that can saves a species, overcoming the want for materialism and finding peace, not to be owned but shared, here and now, stillness in ever flowing water, opening up and surrendering to the divine, realizing that there is no God, bowing to all being great and small – seen and unseen, and always being able to find happiness…it will follow you and spread…overcoming the negativity around you.

Love is that luscious tickle inside your head, and happens when the ego goes…and the spirit can manifest its expressions into and through the human mind. Wisdom is the fruit of love.

Love is committing yourself to love everyone, not wanting to change you, being here in this moment, being present with all your relations, the eternal orgasm, the quintessence of the universe, that overwhelming rush that fills you, whenever you hug a friend, or give a gift, or see Mother Gaia, bear her beauty before you, respecting the earth, faith, patience, the eternal connection between the super-soul and God, blessing life and everyone with the best most transcendental part of yourself, and the music of angels playing on the harp of our hearts.

Love heals, transcends, nurtures, and shines in the magic of our most high inner selves.

Love is the diffusion of self – the merging into the realm of the other, be now.

Love is a stranger who helps you and asks nothing in return, melting in bliss…absolutely healed…home, the direction away from fear, freedom from yourself, freedom to be yourself, service to others without thought of self, following your intuition, enthusiastic, the bliss you will find…love in a kiss, looking at creation and seeing its beauty, allowing, consistency against obstacles, non-judgmental forgiving, resonance with everyone and everything, peace and contentment, the most important essence in our existence, with each other, the understanding that we are all the same, sharing everything you have with your heart through your hand, a magic happy dance covered in the sauce of time, the joy of creation, taking time in the morning to find beauty in the dew of a spider’s web to the sweet beauty of a sleeping child.

Love is sharing your own beauty with others, the utmost understanding and appreciation of what surrounds us, being safe within a group, the need to take care of someone else, the ability to open your heart to other people, welcome home, when your lady gets her your car impounded and you stay with her anyways, when two people can be in complete silence and are content, love makes life beautiful.

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