Tuesday, July 1, 2008

There is something I know, that I am not remembering....

I was on a certain thought process in the fall, and I had lost sight of it. But now, in the warmer mad months the idea comes back to me. It's somewhat difficult to explain, so I'll tell a little story to attempt to give it a visualization.
Last year at the burn, the wonderful Kerry Taylor, was working on the Big Rig Jig.

She had told me on the phone that there were going to be two rooms inside the trucks in which you could crawl into. So when the sculpture was opened, I climbed on up, and I got to the first room in the lower fuel container. There was a group of 6 or 8 people sitting in there talking. We talked for awhile, and then I asked if anyone had been to the higher level. One of them women told me "there was no higher level" and continued on talking, and another person told me "not to climb over there, it was dangerous and not meant to go on". After contemplating for a few minutes, I climbed over to the 'edge' and looked up. Sure enough, there was another room up there with 3 people in it. The others from the lower room were distracted, and I pulled myself up into the room.

It made me think about how readily people are to believe that, "there is nothing up there," before they ever even really check. I wonder about all this in regards to mental ability. What can we do with our minds? I'm not sure.
But I think there have been extraordinary people on this planet, that have known there was an upper room, and while everyone else was distracted they climbed on up, and got an amazing view of reality from it.

How do you get there? Where is the map? I don't know. The only reason I found the upper room on the sculpture was because someone else, who had already been there, told me about it. Without knowing there was more, I could not have wanted that more. So I struggle to find who has truly been to those places "up there", and how I can follow....but maybe following isn't the best way. Maybe I need to cut through the forests of my interior alone.

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little d said...

"but maybe following isn't the best way. Maybe I need to cut through the forests of my interior alone"

hmm..the next stone you choose to step on your path is yours to choose..as is each of our pathes...following is not really an option all the time, esp on a journey as important as this one ..and thankfully so, but neither is alone imho.
sometimes stones will be illuminated along the way..and some more tempting than others ...be cautious of the brightly lit ones for they may blind you and the path.. ie don't be fearful of the ones a little off the path and dimly lit for as i have found those are the ones that have been the most illuminating and taken me even farther down the path and been much more rewarding